Students will not be entered for classical ballet exams on one lesson per week. So should you / your child wish to enter exams you will need to be prepared to attend a minimum of two examination classes of the same level a week. Please remember that this does not guarantee exam entry, it is dependent on the child's abilities and physical attributes to be successful in passing the strict standard of classical dance. 
NOTE Classes will not be held in any level with 5 or less students, numbers must be above this to make it viable for teachers. Alternatively the class shall be dropped or an extra fee paid for coverage. Students / parents will be informed accordingly, and of other alternatives.
Reminding parents and students that should you be absent due to an illness, injury or other medical condition, the Academy MUST be supplied with a certificate from your medical practitioner once you are well enough to recommence classes. The Academy must know how much a student is capable of performing and know if the student must limit themselves to certain exercises only.
Any student that has a medical condition such as asthma; allergies, and or physical health issues eg curvatures etc. Must supply the Academy with an action plan and or a medical clearance certificate from your Doctor (as appropriate to your medical condition) to participate in classes. 
A reminder to all parents/ students when paying fees that there is a due date, which is the first enrolled class of the term NOT when a student returns from being absent (unless a previous arrangement for payment is made with the secretary PRIOR to absence). The late fee must be paid on all accounts not received by the due date. It is most unfair to those parents paying accounts on time if others can pay late and not have to pay the late fee.  Any student absent  and has not paid fees or contacted the Academy by the due date ,as on their account, will be considered that they are not returning and their place in classes will be offered to the next student on our waiting lists.
Note that the office is closed over holiday breaks
All students enroling are required to pay the yearly $35 enrolment/ membership fee.
The  term fee must then be paid on the first class.


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